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Rosacea is a skin condition that affects millions of Americans. We recommend Revita Rutin plus Azulen for rosacea because it is gentle yet effective.

Dilated capillaries, sometimes incorrectly called thread or broken veins, slight or more pronounced, with or without tendency to inflammation, are professionally called Teleangiectasies or Rosacea. Certainly one of the more difficult conditions - requiring special treatment, which can be considered a difficult task in Beauty Therapy. Without looking into the cause of Rosacea, which appears mainly on the cheeks and nose, it has to be mentioned that it is due to the dilation of weakened peripheric blood vessels, which are visible as red veins or blotches. At the first sign of such dilated veins the use of specially designed and effective preparations is necessary to avoid disfigurement of the skin.

Rutin: Vitamin P = Permeability Vitamin:

This vitamin is used in medical therapy in ointment and drops (to increase the resistance of the capillaries and to decrease the permeability of the cell-border areas) is also very effective in the cosmetic treatment of the various forms of Rosacea. It is a very effective substance to seal those weakened dilated capillaries. Vitamin P is found in several fruits, plants and in the leaves of Buckwheat.


The genuine natural Azulen, extracted from Roman Camomile, is an exceptional substance. Because of its general healing and inflammation controlling qualities it is widely used in Beauty Therapy, and expecially suitable for the care of the super-sensitive skin. Azulen also alleviates irritations of the skin which can be caused by certain scents and volatile oils.

These two effective factors - RUTIN plus AZULEN - which play such an important part in the treatment of Rosacea and sensitive skin, are combined in our range of special preparations.

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